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The Allan Bailey Group was founded in 2008 during the recession. While other corporate real estate firms and brokers were exiting the market, The Allan Bailey Group saw a unique opportunity to provide real value and bottom line savings for companies looking for creative answers to their corporate real estate portfolio expenses.

Our growth is based on our commitment to customer service. Because we have no ownership in the properties we recommend, our clients know we always present the best real estate opportunities available. ABG focuses on what’s best for our clients, not the landlord.

We understand that real estate represents one of the most costly operating expenses for most companies. That’s why we take an aggressive strategic approach to reducing real estate costs. Using the latest technologies and resources, we work one-on-one with our clients to compile a comprehensive analysis of options, opportunities and markets. At ABG, we take the time to know our clients and understand their business drivers to help them achieve their goals.


To provide a complete outsourced commercial real estate solutions team that exceed the goals and objectives of our clients.

Our clients include companies from virtually every industry around the world, whether it’s a health care organization looking to become more logistically positioned to better respond to its patient market or a bank looking to expand strategically into under served areas. We pride ourselves on our ability to be strategic and proactive regarding your space needs which drives down your costs and positively affects your bottom line.