Custom Approach

The Allan Bailey Group offers each client a custom strategy that works best to manage your corporate real estate needs.

In establishing a custom Approach, there are six main objectives that The Allan Bailey has identified as essential to the success of the partnership. Our achievement of these objectives is part of the value-added service we provide, and is the basis of why we are hired by our clients in the first place. In short, these define the purpose of the partnership and the reasons for its implementation.

  1. Ensure a standardized approach to the management of the Real Estate Process.
  2. Create a partnership that evolves and improves with time as a result of ABG’s proactive involvement, instead of a reactive “what’s next” approach.
  3. Provide consistent, accurate, and timely market analyses.
  4. Implement a standardized process that involves the local offices from an input standpoint while maintaining the objectives of the corporate office.
  5. Create cost savings through consolidated policies and procedures to enhance the overall management of the real estate process.
  6. Complete all of the objectives at no additional cost to the client.