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Tenant Representation Services

Tenants who engage in commercial real estate transactions without representation are at a disadvantage. Landlords have representation on their side, tenants should too. We specialize in representing tenants throughout the leasing process. By having representation, our clients benefit from not only our market and negotiation expertise, but also our dedication to exceeding client strategic goals and objectives.


Needs Assessment

Financial Analysis

Market Analysis

Strategic Problem Solving


Lease Review

Relocation Services

Lease Administration Services

ABG’s lease administration provides support that integrates lease documentation and accounting information into systems tailored to your business model. Once lease administration is initiated, ABG can conceptualize your positioning and assume all tasks associated to managing your real estate portfolio. Through this process, you are offloading your real estate tasks to specialists who are masters of efficiency.

Database management

Lease abstraction

Critical date tracking

Invoice analysis

Custom ad hoc reporting

Cost control

Obligation reports

Lease expiration reports

Research & Site Selection Services

Sound market intelligence is primary in ABG’s approach to maximizing your balance sheet performance through real estate strategy. ABG’s research employs the best resources for every element of our analytics. Combining information about your model with the most accurate market data identifies opportunities to enhance your business through its real estate. ABG’s research is committed to finding the best information and then present it in a manner that best addresses your real estate questions aligned with your organizational objectives. Mapping, demographics, rental rates and acquisition trends are some of the data points explored to ensure optimal site selections.

Market analysis

Workforce and education analysis

Site selection studies

GIS mapping

Zoning analysis

Redundancy studies

Broker Opinion of Value

Forecasting incentives

Strategic Planning

The ABG team can help you position your real estate portfolio for maximum efficiency through strategic planning and proactive decision making. Our team of real estate professionals will look beyond your current real estate needs and also look at your overall business objectives. By understanding each client’s needs and goals, the ABG team can perform a comparative analysis to identify areas of cost reduction and optimization. Talk to us about your company’s goals and let us help you strategically plan your real estate approach.


Action Plan

Set Objectives

Long Term Strategy

Identify Improvements

Track Metrics

Risk Assessment

Cost Reduction

Capital Markets

Whether you’re interested in acquisitions or dispositions, ABG can help you with your investment strategy. Through market expertise, research and relationships with a multitude of real estate professionals, we can help strengthen your investment portfolio. Novice and experienced investors can benefit though time and money savings by engaging a professional team of real estate advisors.

Investment Sales

Risk Management

Value Added Portfolio


Market Conditions Evaluation

Accurate Valuations

Feasibility Study

Investment Strategy

Transaction Management

ABG has a proven 9 step transaction process that we follow to ensure smooth transactions from beginning to end. Each step is customized for each client to ensure all needs and goals are met with consistent, high quality.

Quality Control

Needs Analysis


Document Execution

Technology Integration

Lease Document Review

Market Intelligence

Economic Intelligence & Trends

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